I create original paintings in acrylic. I have a style which I call "Abstract/3D/Realism". I used a lot of colors in my pieces. My paintings are usually very large and eclectic.
rough sketches
faces of the fallen
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If you paint to live, sell your artwork cheap,
If you live to paint, "LEAVE A LEGACY"
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additional work
Original paintings
Jimmy Hendrick size 48x60": Original Painting for sale $25,000.00
Jimmy Hendricks click for high res detail of the Jimmy Hendrix painting
Commissioned work 48x60"
(No prints, one of a kind )
Time Square
digital art
layout & design
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fine arts
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Fruit girl
Akan Adowa Dance  
detail of fruit basket

Original painting
"African Dance"
36x48" $15,000.00

Original painting
"Carribean Fruit Girl"
30x48" $8,500.00
Autum forest Serenity
"Autum Sunset Walk":
Original painting 16x40" $900.00
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additional work         Original Painting "Serenity": Acrylic on Canvas 16x40":$1,200.00
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